EMS “raised me” | Joelle Blosser ’22

November 6, 2021 / Trisha Blosser
Joelle Blosser '22
Joelle Blosser '22

Interview with Joelle Blosser by Paul Leaman at a recent virtual event in October 2021

Mr. Leaman’s questions | Joelle Blosser’s response

Joelle’s a fantastic representative of our student body. She’s heavily engaged in different things from music to athletics, and I just have a few questions for her. She’s also a recipient of some of the financial aid that people — who manage their wealth well and share it — make possible for students to attend Eastern Mennonite School. So thanks, Joelle, for joining us this morning.

Can you tell us a little bit about what your experience is like at EMS these days in 2021? And what do you like about school? Where do you put your energy?

In 2021, it’s definitely different than it was a couple of years ago. But my experience at EMS has been amazing, and I’ve been going here since 5th grade. My three brothers and my whole Blosser family have gone here. So it’s like I’ve grown up here in a way, and so when someone asks me “how is EMHS, or EMS?” I say it’s more of a community than a school. And I think they represent that really well because we do a lot of mission work, we do a lot of worshipping God and encouraging faith for the students. I also really like playing sports here. It’s like each team is a family. It just feels like one big family to me because I’ve grown up there, even though I just started coming here in 5th grade. It feels like EMS “raised me.”

How has EMS helped grow any particular personal interest of yours? Are there any personal things you enjoy that you see EMS helping you get ahead in because of what we do here?

Two things come to mind. The first is music. Jared Stutzman does a really good job engaging with us in Touring Choir. I’ve been in all of the choirs and I’d say it’s a very good experience. And I might join a choir in whatever college I go to next year just because it’s something that I really learned that I love doing. And the second thing is STEM programs…. Those [types of] subjects. Biology… I’ve really gotten into AP Bio with Ms. Mitch, and I’m actually taking Zoology at the end of this year with her and it’s really encouraged me to…. I don’t know… I want to go into nursing for college, and I feel like that really helped me make that decision.

That answers a little bit of my final question.  What are your dreams and aspirations beyond EMS? It sounds like you’re going to head into nursing.

Yes – I’m going to head into nursing – hopefully pediatric nursing that’s where I’m feeling called. That’s also something that EMHS taught me was that I really like interacting with younger kids. Because we do a lot of interacting with the elementary school since they’re so close now… and middle school. 

Thanks, Joelle for being part of our time this morning and for being a great, positive leader at EMS!

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