Experiential Learning

EMS students learn by doing and then reflect on what they have learned. That's experiential learning.

In more traditional school settings, students often hear and read about others' experiences. Here, teachers consider individual learning styles; students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge firsthand.


Experiential learners must:

  • be willing to be actively involved in the experience.
  • be able to reflect on the experience.
  • possess and use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience.
  • possess decision-making and problem-solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.

Outside the classroom ...

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EMS Experiential Learning News

Why Give? 2021 Fund Drive Launches

November 23, 2021

Students kicked off the 73rd annual student-planned Christmas Fund Drive Nov. 23 with separate chapel programs; it was the first time the two met separately for the launch. The middle school planners hosted a skit and Jeopardy game in the gym, while high school students played an EMS fund drive version of Family Feud in the auditorium. “The launch gatherings can be a bit, well, chaotic,” admits staff drive coordinator, Trisha Blosser. “But there is a lot of ownership. Having them develop questions for games…

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