Experiential Learning

In more traditional school settings, students often hear and read about others' experiences. At EMS, teachers consider individual learning styles and facilitate opportunities for students to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge firsthand.

Then, students have time to reflect on what they have experienced, completed, even made mistakes with. That's experiential learning.

Model UN service with Rise Against Hunger
5th grade marimba making
Explore week 2021

Experiential learners must:

  • be willing to be actively involved in the experience.
  • be able to reflect on the experience, sometimes in writing, sometimes in conversation with teachers and peers.
  • possess and use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience.
  • possess or make progress in developing decision-making and problem-solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.

Outside the classroom ...

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EMS Experiential Learning News

Coming Soon! EV Charger

February 28, 2024

Each year since the first graduating class of Eastern Mennonite High School in 1921, the senior class has collected donations from class members to provide the school with a gift for future generations to enjoy.  The class of 2022 leaves a lasting legacy with their generous donation of an EV (electric vehicle) charger to the school. Their forward-thinking gesture reflects their commitment to sustainability and innovation.  Newly installed and ready for use, the EV charger symbolizes progress and embraces the future of transportation technology. This…

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