The Arts

Music education was a primary goal when EMS was founded more than 100 years ago. Today, the creative spark in every student in all divisions is nurtured through music, other performing arts and the visual arts. We believe artistic expression is part of how we experience God and develop fully as people of faith.

Art Events

    Come visit and...

    • Observe or join in rehearsal in choir, orchestra or band.
    • Observe or take part in an art class or club.
    • Accompany a photography class outside the building, into the woods or around town.
    • Enjoy a musical theater production or Touring Choir program.

    From a student perspective...

    Benefits of Fine Arts Education

    February 21, 2019

    Zach Bauman ‘19, wrote the following perspective as part of an assignment for a personal finance class. Zach was a member of Touring and Chamber choir, and played varsity soccer, baseball and basketball. Fine Arts is a broad phrase used to describe music, painting, theatre, dance, poetry, film, and photography just to name a few of the many aspects to Fine Arts. Tina Beveridge in her article “No Child Left Behind and Fine Arts Classes” she says, “I have yet to see a basketball team…

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