Whether it's the elementary annual dessert theater, a middle school exploratory class, or a full musical theater production with students grades one through 12, involvement in theatrical productions is part of a well-rounded education.

Involvement in theater:

  • strengthens literacy skills,
  • builds confidence,
  • fosters community,
  • encourages creativity and problem-solving,
  • provides healthy opportunities for self-expression,
  • and deepens empathy and understanding.

We experience theater through the lens of our relationship with Jesus. Created in God’s image, we are designed to be creative too. Theatre allows us to look deeply at the feelings, motivations, ideas, and behaviors of our fellow human beings.

Theater helps us to examine the full human experience. Sometimes that means we portray situations that are different from the wholeness God desires for us. We consider student developmental readiness to engage with material, and use the opportunity for conversation that draws us closer to God and each other.

Joy Anderson, musical and theater director

Mark Gornto, theater department chair

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Theater Productions

Fiddler on the Roof, winter 2024

24 Plays in 54 Minutes, fall 2023

Godspell, winter 2023

Our Town, fall 2022

The Wizard of Oz, 2021-22

Les Misérables, 2020-21

Little Women, 2019-2020

The King and I, 2018-19

Into the Woods, 2017-18

The Pirates of Penzance, 2016-17

Brigadoon, 2015-16

Cinderella, 2014-15

Noye's Fludde, 2013-14

The Sound of Music, 2012-13

You're a Good man, Charlie Brown, 2012

The Secret Garden, 2011-12

Fiddler on the Roof, 2010-11

Quilters, 2009-2010

Godspell, 2008-09

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 2007-08

Les Misérables, 2006-07